Present Perfect Progressive – Verb Forms

This post will show you how to form the Present Perfect Progressive. To see how to use the Present Perfect Progressive, click here.

With the Present Perfect Progressive, also called the Present Perfect Continuous, there are  are two auxiliary verbs “have” or “has”, and “been” plus the main verb in its  “-ing” form.


Affirmative Statements

Subject Have/Has Been Verb+ing
I have been studying all week.
You have been sitting at the back of the class.
She/He/It has been exercising at the gym.
We have been trying to call the doctor
They/You (plural) have been reading that book too.


Negative Statements

Subject Have/Has Not Been Verb-ing
I have not been studying very hard.
You have not been playing soccer these days.
She/He/It has not been raining all day.
We have not been experiencing any problems.
They/You (plural) have not been eating at home lately.


Yes/No questions

Have/Has Subject Been Verb-ing
Have I been working for an hour already?
Have you been waiting long?
Has she/he/it been getting enough sleep?
Have we been driving in the wrong direction?
Have they/you (plural) been lying to us all this time?

Short Answers

Yes Subject + Be
Yes, I am.
Yes, you are.
Yes, he/she/it is.
Yes, we are.
Yes, they/you (plural) are.
No Subject + Be + Not
No, I’m not.
No, you’re not.
No, he/she/it isn’t.
No, we aren’t.
No, they/you (plural) aren’t.

We do not use contractions with short affirmative answers.

✔ Yes, I am.

✘ Yes, I’m

✔ Yes, you are.

✘ Yes, you’re.


Information questions

Wh-Word Have/Has Subject Been Verb-ing
What have I been waiting for?
Who have you been talking to?
Where has she been going after school?
Why have we been skipping school?
How have they been doing?

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