Common Word Collocations With: Big, Great, Large, Strong, Deep, Heavy

news_word_cloudIn English, a collocation is two or more words that go together naturally. Learning collocations is essential for making your English sound fluent and natural!

Here are 50 common English collocations with the words big, great, large, strong, deep, and heavy.

The word big is often used in collocations with a happening or event, for example:

  • a big accomplishment
  • a big decision
  • a big disappointment
  • a big failure
  • a big improvement
  • a big mistake
  • a big surprise


The word great is often used in collocations with feelings or qualities.

 Great + feelings

  • great admiration
  • great anger
  • great enjoyment
  • great excitement
  • great fun
  • great happiness
  • great joy

Great + qualities

  • in great detail
  • great power
  • great pride
  • great sensitivity
  • great skill
  • great strength
  • great understanding
  • great wisdom
  • great wealth


The word large is often used in collocations involving numbers and measurements.

  • a large amount
  • a large collection
  • a large number (of)
  • a large population
  • a large proportion
  • a large quantity
  • a large scale


The word strong is often used in collocations with facts and opinions:

 Strong + facts/opinions

  • strong argument
  • strong emphasis
  • strong evidence
  • a strong contrast
  • a strong commitment
  • strong criticism
  • strong denial
  • a strong feeling
  • a strong opinion (about something)
  • strong resistance

 Strong + senses

  • a strong smell
  • a strong taste


The word deep is used for some strong feelings:

  • deep depression
  • deep devotion

It is also used in these expressions:

  • in deep thought
  • in deep trouble
  • in a deep sleep (when the person won’t wake up easily)


Heavy is used for some weather conditions

  • heavy rain
  • heavy snow
  • heavy fog

The word heavy is also used for people with bad habits:

  • a heavy drinker
  • a heavy smoker
  • a heavy drug user




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