About Present Simple ESL

Kameyo Melina is the name behind Present Simple ESL.

Born and raised in beautiful BC, Canada, Kameyo started tutoring English as a Second Language in 2010.  She became TESL certified the following year at International House, and immediately went to teach at a school in México for three months.  Now back in Vancouver, Kameyo is tutoring children, teenagers, and adults from around the world as her full time job.  She is friendly, easy to talk to, and has a clear voice.  Kameyo’s classes flow naturally from speaking, to grammar, to writing, and she is willing to talk about anything from current events, to politics and history.

Kameyo’s personal interests are: food (both cooking and eating), salsa dancing, Spanish – her second language!, travelling, culture, people, reading, walking, gardening, art, and music.

If there is any specific grammar you would like to know more about, please let her know and she will blog about it.





One thought on “About Present Simple ESL

  1. HI Kameyo, I stumbled on this page while trying to explain to my students (German native speakers) that one shouldn’t really say “I am loving it!” as in certain fast food commercials shown on German TV and billboards.
    This was a great resource for me to use live during the lesson. Thanks!!
    Kind regards,
    Doug Hallam

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