331 Common Verbs

The 331 most common verbs in the English language, according to the Macmillan Essential Dictionary.


Regular Verbs, Irregular verbs, Modal Verbs

accept care could enjoy happen lead open reduce settle teach
account carry count examine hate learn order refer shake tell
achieve catch cover exist have leave ought reflect shall tend
act cause create expect head lend own refuse share test
add change cross experience hear let pass regard shoot thank
admit charge cry explain help lie pay relate should think
affect check cut express hide like perform release shout throw
afford choose damage extend hit limit pick remain show touch
agree claim dance face hold link place remember shut train
aim clean deal fail hope listen plan remove sing travel
allow clear decide fall hurt live play repeat sit treat
answer climb deliver fasten identify look point replace sleep try
appear close demand feed imagine lose prefer reply smile turn
apply collect deny feel improve love prepare report sort understand
argue come depend fight include make present represent sound use
arrange commit describe fill increase manage press require speak used to
arrive compare design find indicate mark prevent rest stand visit
ask complain destroy finish influence matter produce result start vote
attack complete develop fit inform may promise return state wait
avoid concern die fly intend mean protect reveal stay walk
base confirm disappear fold introduce measure prove ring stick want
be connect discover follow invite meet provide rise stop warn
beat consider discuss force involve mention publish roll study wash
become consist divide forget join might pull run succeed watch
begin contact do forgive jump mind push save suffer wear
believe contain draw form keep miss put say suggest will
belong continue dress found kick move raise see suit win
break contribute drink gain kill must reach seem supply wish
build control drive get knock need read sell support wonder
burn cook drop give know notice realize send suppose work
buy copy eat go last obtain receive separate survive worry
call correct enable grow laugh occur recognize serve take would
can cost encourage handle lay offer record set talk write

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