Present Progressive – Verb Forms

The Present Progressive (also called the Present Continuous) tense is formed with two words, the “be” verb and a base verb+ing. This is the same for all verbs, regular and irregular.

This post will show you how to form the Present Progressive. To see how to use the Present Progressive, click here.

Affirmative Statements

Subject Be Base Verb + ing
I am working today.
You are working today.
He/she/it is working today.
We are working today.
They/you (plural) are working today.


Affirmative Contractions

I’m working today.
You’re working today.
He’s working today.
She’s working today.
It’s working today.
They’re working today.
You’re (plural) working today.


Negative Statements

Subject Be Not Base Verb + ing
I am not working today.
You are not doing anything right now.
He/she/it is not washing the dishes.
We are not going to Seattle.
They/you (plural) are not playing hockey.


Negative Contractions

I’m not sleeping yet.
You’re not (or) You aren’t cleaning the house.
He’s not (or) He isn’t singing loudly.
It’s not (or) It isn’t going to rain today.
We’re not (or) We aren’t driving today.
They’re not (or) They aren’t doing much.
You’re not (or) You aren’t brushing your teeth.

Yes/No Questions.

Be Subject Base Verb + ing
Am I eating chocolate?
Are you going to school today?
Is she sleeping?
Is it raining today?
Are we meeting at noon?
Are they coming to the party?
Are you (plural) waiting for me?


Information Questions

Wh- Word Be Subject Base Verb + ing
How am I doing in this class?
Who are you dating these days?
What is he eating?
When are we leaving?
Where are they going to travel?
How are you making so much money?
Why am I working at this terrible job?
Wh- word (subject) Be Subject Base Verb + ing
Who is laughing?
What is happening?


Short Answers

Yes Subject Be
Yes, I am.
Yes, you are.
Yes, he/she/it is.
Yes, we are.
Yes, they/you (plural) are.
No Subject + Be + Not
No, I’m not.
No, you’re not.
No, he/she/it isn’t.
No, we aren’t.
No, they/you (plural) aren’t.

*Do not use contractions in affirmative short answers.

✔ Yes, I am.

✘ Yes, I’m.

✔ Yes, we are.

✘ Yes, we’re.



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