Nouns as Adjectives

Usually adjectives modify nouns, but sometimes we use nouns to describe other nouns.  We can use a noun as an adjective, and like all adjectives this “noun adjective” comes before the noun it’s modifying, and it always takes a singular form.
  • A flower garden (a garden of flowers)
  • A window seat (a seat near the window)
  • A bike shop (a shop that sells bikes)
  • A ten-minute walk (a walk that takes ten minutes)
  • A house key (a key for your house)
  • A three-course meal (a meal that has three courses)

Because the “noun adjective” is acting as an adjective, it never takes a plural form.

  • Flower gardens (NOT flowers gardens)
  • Window seats (NOT windows seats)
  • Bike shops (NOT bikes shops)
  • A ten-minute walk (NOT a ten-minutes walk)
  • House keys (NOT houses keys)
  • Three course meals (NOT three courses meals)

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