First Conditional: Real Possibility

With the First Conditional we are thinking about the future, and talking about a condition that is likely to happen and the possible result of this condition.

There is always a very real chance that the condition will happen.

For example, you get up in the morning and plan to go for a run, but the sky is getting cloudy.  It’s not raining right now, but you think it might rain later.  What will you do?  If it rains, I will stay at home.

We use the Present Simple tense to talk about the condition.  We use will + base verb or  modal + base verb or imperative to talk about the result.

We don’t usually use “will” or “won’t” in the “if” clause.

IF Condition Result
If I see Mary I will tell her.
If Tara is free tomorrow invite her.
If they do not pass their exam their teacher will be sad.
If she gets up early she can catch the bus.
If it rains tomorrow what will you do?


Result IF Condition
I will tell Mary if I see her.
He will buy me lunch if he sees me tomorrow.
They can visit the pyramids if they go to Mexico.
Stay at home if it rains tomorrow.
What will you do if he doesn’t call you?

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